Locally Raised Beef, Award Winning Hay and Farm Fresh Eggs

Welcome to McDougall Farm.   For over 200 years we have provided Goffstown, NH and surrounding areas a wide range of products from locally raised beef to award winning hay to fresh eggs and vegetables.

What does McDougall Farm Offer?
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Locally Raised Beef

Our cows are happy cows. They roam and graze on almost 100 acres and enjoy life. Hormone and steroid free. Mooooo!


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Male Calves for sale

We have 6 Male Calves for sale.  You can purchase them now or up to the summer of 2014.


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First comes cows and then comes manure.  We offer manure at great rates!


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Award Winning Hay

Voted most nutritious hay in NH!   1st cut, 2nd cut, square bale, round bale, pickup or delivery -- we are here for you!


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Farm Fresh Eggs

Brown eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh! We also have white and blue eggs that are just as fresh and tasty!


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We also offer Vegetables!

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